Client Stories

Organisational Review


Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) work to protect, promote and enhance towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected now and for future generations.  The CPRE senior team were reviewing a number of potential shortfalls in funding for the charity and considering options to fill that shortfall.  The scope was initially to support the charity in prioritising campaigns to ensure that funding was focused on the most critical areas.  However, it became clear that the shortfall in funding was significant enough to require a review of the entire structure of the organisation.

As a result of this the scope was broadened to consider how the initiatives could be prioritised, a revised work plan delivered, and the organisational impacts of the revised plan understood.


  • It was vital to the project that a structured prioritisation, review and consultation was carried out and that stakeholder buy in was obtained
  • Our initial analysis and prioritisation revealed a different solution to the one assumed by the Board. As a result, some careful senior stakeholder management was required
  • The prioritisation and review process crossed all areas of the organisation, from fundraising (contact centre) to support services such as Finance and IT

Rising to the Challenge

  • A number of interactive workshops were undertaken to understand and complete prioritisation of the CPRE strategic plan
  • A fully prioritised strategic plan and staff communication plan were agreed
  • Facilitation of the organisation review, ensuring that a sound methodology was followed for decision making
  • All changes to the wider organisation that resulted from the new prioritisation and re-structure were carried out (i.e. IT changes, contract changes etc.)
  • Board presentations carried out and senior stakeholders engaged in approval of the proposed plan.  Approval achieved and Board buy-in obtained


“Navigation Partners have helped CPRE’s Senior Management Team, and a wider group of staff, to identify our strategic priorities. They facilitated work to inform our decisions on a restructuring and worked with us in developing CPRE’s next three year strategic plan.

Navigation Partners have been brilliant at clarifying and ordering our thinking; drawing on the group’s ideas and experience; and enabling us to set priorities and find solutions.

I would recommend Navigation Partners to other organisations because they work you hard, get you thinking strategically, and bring chocolate to the sessions.”

Shaun Spiers, Chief Executive
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)