Client Stories

Finance system implementation & project recovery


Exova is one of the world’s leading providers of testing, calibration and advisory services, with over 4300 employees in 33 countries worldwide.

Navigation Partners were engaged to review a project that had been initiated and was not delivering. The project was to implement a new finance system across the Americas region of the organisation. The project had suffered significant slippage and had been re-planned three times.


The project was being run by internal team members who had vast financial experience but minimal project management experience. Navigation Partners were tasked with completing a health check of the project and proposing a way forward.

The main challenge was completing a health check on the project without alienating the internal and external developers who had been working so hard to deliver and as a result cause further delays.

Rising to the Challenge

Navigation Partners undertook the following activities:

  • Established a relationship with the team by completing a lesson learnt analysis upfront with external providers and internal teams to understand where they were facing barriers
  • Completed a health check across scope, plan, resources, risks and issues to establish the current status of all areas of the project
  • The health check highlighted that the project plan had not considered all elements required to deliver the project. Therefore, the team were constantly hitting barriers, the third-party supplier had not been managed effectively enough and there was no change control on the scope of the project
  • The project teams input was sought at each stage of the review
  • Prepared a new simplified format plan for teams to follow that were not used to planning.  The plan had been missing a number of key elements, including an analysis of the full effort required to deliver the project, which was subsequently defined and documented in the plan
  • Implemented formal twice weekly project meetings to ensure that the plan was adhered to and implemented a change control process to ensure the plan could be effectively managed
  • The project teams were demotivated following previous missed delivery dates so time was spent building momentum and team morale with a daily 15-minute morning meeting to focus everyone on the day’s deliverables and to celebrate wins

The project was delivered on time and the internal teams, who had little project experience, learnt many project management skills along the way. When stepping into a project that is already struggling to achieve its objectives it is sometimes difficult to build relationships. However, subsequent to this project, the team asked for Navigation Partners assist in the delivery of another project in the finance department.