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Customer service strategy


Waverley Borough Council owns and maintains around 5,000 properties. The housing service faced increasing pressure to deliver better tenant services using fewer resources (financial and staffing). Council Management wanted to review how customer support was delivered in the Housing service and to use that discussion to develop options for a new operating model for the service. The new operating model would put the customer at the centre of every transaction, join up services and ensure ongoing value for money. The situation was intensified by an imminent budget cut.


Navigation Partners were tasked with facilitating a number of customer service workshops, developing revised processes and challenging the Council to move to a more streamlined operating model. The work needed to engage with frontline staff, management and tenants to ensure that an understanding of potential new ways of working was developed. The work needed to be concise and punchy while provoking innovation across the service. The project needed to also develop a clear road map for further work.

Rising to the Challenge

  • Engaged participants in the process and utilised proven toolkit
  • Workshops were well attended and significant contributions captured and written up into a final report that identified a clear way forward for the service
  • The project identified short, medium and longer-term wins to provide a consistent, ongoing set of benefits for the service
  • Following this initial piece of work Navigation Partners were further engaged to deliver 12 process improvement projects across the Housing Management service

Read what Jon Poore, Strategic Director at Waverley Borough Council said about Navigation Partners:

Waverley Borough Council

“They bring a freshness and enthusiasm to a project that will engage staff in the process of looking for, and implementing, service improvements. They also have some proven methodologies and templates to facilitate the process, which means the project can focus on genuine, valuable outcomes. I enjoyed working with their team and value their contribution to our improvement programme.”

Jon Poore, Strategic Director
Waverley Borough Council