Acquisition Integration Projects

We know how challenging the transformation process can be for a business that has just gone through a merger, acquisition or divestment. The approach you take next will be vital to the post-acquisition success of your businesses.

Navigation Partners offers a full acquisition integration service that:

  • Allows your company to move smoothly from asset or company acquisition to seamless integration and or restructuring phases
  • Supports you or your acquisition partner to scope, plan and cost the full integration process, ensuring that all business areas are included
  • Works with the new organisation to ensure they understand the integration process and are fully on board
  • Plans ‘Day 1’ across all stakeholders, ensuring that the key HR and customer concerns are addressed in communications and that all communications conform to the legal requirements
  • Develops the schedules  for, APA, SPA and TSA where required and ensures these are carried through the project
  • Manages the integration end-to-end to ensure it delivers the scope, benefits / synergies and budget

Our services are tailored to our customers’ unique requirements and the toolkits we utilise to ensure consistent service quality and repeatable processes for your internal teams, also maximise potential for success and minimise complexity no matter the intricacy of the acquisition you have been through.

Navigation Partners pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our methods and resources to suit any organisation’s needs, only considering your integration a success once all those involved are using the systems and processes that you require of them, all the synergies have been achieved, and everyone feels that they are now part of your wider organisation.

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