A full acquisition integration can result in a need for a significant number of different people, processes and technologies across the business to be impacted and aligned in order to ensure a beneficial and successful integration.

What is the Acquisition Integration toolkit?

To ensure this, our toolkit includes:

  • A detailed scope with information from all parties that will be affected by the change
  • Tried and tested processes and documentation to ensure that all aspects are included and dependencies are accounted for
  • Process documentation to understand the full impact of your change and develop a plan to deliver it
  • Key ‘Day 1’ communication tools keep everyone informed and stakeholders engaged and informed of the acquisition
  • Template documents enable key information to be created and distributed in line with your local HR and legal requirements


Why do I need this?

A successful acquisition is only successful if the benefits of the acquisition are met and it concludes with total integration where all synergies and obligations are met. This can be a complex process if there are no tools available to help and guide the team.

There are a huge number of different requirements which will affect different aspects of the business. Tackling such a project can be daunting, so we have developed a toolkit that draws on the expertise we have developed through managing many successful acquisition integration projects.

The key benefits are:

  • Tried and tested process ensures all aspects of the hand over from Acquisition to Integration, including all contracts (TSA, SPA and APA), are managed correctly, and all data collected
  • That all areas of the business are considered and everyone can effectively complete the work once the process is concluded
  • Ensuring that the business case costs and benefits are delivered and planned for within the project
  • Poor communication is the downfall of any project; our toolkit ensures communication with stakeholders is efficient resulting in a smooth integration
  • Complex legal and financial processes must be undertaken which can cause delays, reporting and operational issues, unless they are undertaken in a structured manner

The Acquisition Integration toolkit is designed to ensure the effective delivery of a project and will include:

  • Executive summary of the project
  • A detailed scope and plan covering; Operations, HSE, IT, Legal, Sales, Procurement, HR, Finance, Amalgamation/Hive Up
  • Clear methodology for delivery of the end-to-end project tied back to the original scope , benefits and business case
  • Communication tools
  • Process diagrams to convey the impacts, dependencies and changes to key systems
  • Training and development matrices in line with the migration to new systems or processes
  • System and process merge tools
  • Risk and Issues log
  • Project closure documentation including lessons learnt