Navigation Partners used their experience to develop practical, simple, processes that take the complexity and mystery out of initiating a new project.

What is the Plan & Deliver Toolkit?

The Plan & Deliver toolkit will:

  • Define the plan to deliver a project
  • Provide simple direction when it is unclear which is the best route to deliver the change
  • Refocus when a plan has been started and has become unclear to senior management
  • Re-plan a project that has been on hold, stopped, or has gone ‘off the rails’

The toolkit enables you to monitor progress throughout. This provides:

  • A workshop to ensure all aspects of a change are understood
  • A high-level benefits plan
  • Documentation of risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities – the team
  • A comprehensive communication plan and associated tools

Why do I need this?

Initiating a project using these tools provides the foundations for success. They give the whole project team a clear understanding of the objectives of the project and their role within it to ensure:

  • That your team are fully engaged in the change and motivated to deliver the same goals
  • The project has a greater chance of succeeding
  • Communication tools provide easy, clear updates which build the confidence of the senior management team
  • Management of individual tasks is easily achieved and everyone is aware of the dependencies

These tools enable the effective management of a project meaning there is a continual push for delivery.