Process Improvement Projects

The road to greater efficiency and productivity in your organisation is paved with process improvement analysis and action.

Optimising every step of a process is the key to achieve:

  • Cost efficiencies – identifying areas where savings can be made
  • Customer experience -recognising all areas where it can be improved
  • Automation – pinpointing business areas and processes which could benefit
  • Time effectiveness – spotting where tasks can be refined
  • Channel shift – positive opportunities for customers, employees and the business
  • New target operating models for the organisation
  • Commercial arrangements – outsourcing, in-house and hybrid models

Navigation Partners has a team of process specialists to work with your organisation to assess opportunities for process improvement.

This team incorporates members qualified in lean processing techniques, such as Six Sigma and Kaizen.

  • The team are skilled at designing business processes that are fundamental to delivering optimal service
  • Linking processes to systems and training to reduce costs
  • Focusing on the consistent use of these processes to achieve noticeable improvement to performance

No matter the complexity of the process, the team will be able to identify opportunities for improvement, design optimised processes, and document all changes required to deliver them.  Ensuring your organisation will be clear on business case, prioritisation activity and implementation strategy.

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