The Process Design toolkit provides a structured way in which to review or create processes, align systems and people to improve efficiency and customer service.

What is the Process Design toolkit?

Through interactive workshops the Process Design toolkit can be used to create or redesign processes to:

  • Improve current processes and increase efficiency
  • Create new processes for new services or products
  • Document the processes and requirements for new systems
  • Improve current systems by redesigning the processes
  • Building training packages
  • Documenting processes and service levels ready for outsourcing

Why do I need this?

The Navigation Partners Process Design toolkit provides a structured way to review your current processes, establish challenges and complexity and make improvements. The key benefits include:

  • Well designed business processes are fundamental to delivering optimal service and are the backbone of the organisation
  • When processes are linked to systems and training they are proven to reduce costs and improve customer service
  • Consistent use of effective processes leads to reduced customer service error rates and manual workarounds
  • By defining a process and walking through the steps with those involved, any changes are adopted quicker by the business